The History of the Lifted Truck

How the Lifted Truck Evolved into the Mainstream

In today’s culture, the lifted truck has become a popular item that’s used in all kinds of different situations. Whether they’re cruising around the track on live TV or hauling several tons of wood through the deep forest, lifted trucks have created a subculture all their own; but few people know the history behind lifted trucks. You might be surprised to know that the story of lifted trucks dates all the way back to World War I. If you love lifted trucks, find out how these monster vehicles made it to the mainstream.

The Dangerous Road to War

Trucks have always served some practical purpose with their expansive hauling capabilities and durable treads, but navigating a war zone is another matter entirely. The trucks of both World Wars had to traverse all kinds of different territory, from snow covered mountains to crumbling cities with huge piles of debris. In preparation for war, the engineers of the day decided to lift the bodies of the trucks so that they would have enough room to clear whatever came their way. Thus, the first lifted trucks were born.

Automakers See an Opportunity

It took several decades for the major automakers to discover the potential of lifted trucks. While civilian consumers weren’t driving through war zones, many of them were still faced with a wild, unpredictable terrain when driving off-road. Automakers introduced the first line of civilian lifted trucks back in the 1970s. Anyone driving through the untamed wilderness quickly saw the appeal of lifted trucks and, as a result, the automakers soon discovered that their latest venture was full of potential.

Beyond Practical Thinking

As more people started buying and using lifted trucks, people began to admire the look and power of these decked-out vehicles. It wasn’t just about hauling items off-road, it was about driving something that truly felt larger than life. The popularity of lifted trucks started to soar, attracting thrill-seekers of all different backgrounds. Soon, lifted trucks became a part of popular entertainment, drawing huge crowds at arenas all over the country and impressive ratings on cable TV.

The next you step into a lifted truck, take a moment to appreciate how this rugged piece of machinery has evolved over the years. If you’re looking to buy a lifted truck or raise the one you already have, come to Don’s Wholesale in Lafayette, LA!