Interesting Benefits of Lifting Your Truck

There are plenty of great reasons to customize your truck with an awesome suspension lift, especially if you off-road with it. You just have to have a good suspension lift! Whether you lift a truck because it looks great or because you love to ride high, there are plenty of benefits to lifting your truck – some of which you may not have ever thought of. Following are some of the best of the benefits to having a good suspension lift:

  1. Clearing obstacles is a breeze. While a non-lifted truck would see the end of the line with a log or large rock in the path, a decent suspension lift will enable you to easily get over those common road obstacles, debris, and even over curbs without causing damage to your undercarriage, fuel tank, or other major mechanical component.
  2. As already mentioned, the look is a benefit that just screams “Awesome”. And it doesn’t matter if you’re lifting your ride more than a foot higher or just a couple of inches; a lifted truck just has better style and a better stance. Make your truck stand out from all the rest and give it a personalized look all your own with a good lift kit.
  3. Improved towing is another major reason for lifting a truck. Raising it up is going to help with towing, even if you lift it just a few inches; you don’t have to get a huge lift kit. You’ll also get loaded and unloaded much easier, too. Make it safer to haul heavy loads with a suspension lift to give your truck a higher center of gravity. The benefits are also obvious when getting your boat launched and also out of water, too. Without a lift, you can easily be up to your doors with water before that boat is ready to detach.
  4. Ground clearance is increased, which will come in handy when you’re on a well-traveled path or trail that has ruts – these ruts will get a normal truck stuck in no time. The approach, departure, and breakover angles of your truck are all going to be less of a concern for you as you drive, too. The higher your truck, the better your angles will be. And sure, suspension and bumpers influence the ride too, but lift is what really matters.
  5. As if the previous benefits weren’t enough, one more benefit to lifting your truck is so that you get a better all-around view of your surroundings! The higher you are, the better the view – a better view of the road means a safer time on the road because of it. You’ll also be able to have better awareness of your surroundings and situations for quicker response times to avoid possible accidents.

Although these are just five benefits of getting a good lift kit on your truck, there are plenty more. It’s always a great idea to be ready when people ask you, “Why is your truck so high?” rather than just saying, “Because it looks awesome!” Although this is true, you’ll impress the masses more with a few of these other great reasons to lift your truck, too. Need help choosing a lift? We can help! Contact us at Don’s Automotive Group today and let us help with your next customization project for your ride.